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Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Upon Leaving Henry David Thoreau High School students will be:

  • Collaborative Workers:
    • Students will work on school wide projects to benefit society.
    • Students will demonstrate team work and positive group dynamics.
    • Students will develop and manage interpersonal relationships in culturally diverse settings.
  • Academically prepared:
    • Students will meet or exceed academic standards outlined by the California Department of Education in all core subjects.
    • Students wil meet entrance requirements fro post-secondary educational and vocational opportunities.
    • Students will access information from a variety of sources.
  • Responsible citizens:
    • Students will demonstrate the importance of sobriety.
    • Students will be responsible for following all operational procedures.
    • Students will be able to recognize the power and responsibility that comes with being an individual within a larger community through charitable actions during the school year.
  • Effective Communicators:
    • Students will exhibit proficiency in both oral and written communication.
    • Students will articulate their points of view respectfully and with dignity.
    • Students will demonstrate proficiency in technology in the core subjects.
  • Self-directed Learners:
    • Students will develop a plan for High School graduation and self monitor progress.
    • Students will be able to access information from a variety of sources to initiate a post graduate plan.
    • Students will utilize effective study skills.