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This model of instruction is ideal for students who come across road-blocks within a traditional educational environment and would like to experience a change of format that may allow them to get a strong footing on the path to educational progress and success. Students will have the opportunity to return to a traditional educational environment as their needs and circumstances change. If students decide to continue at Thoreau and graduate early, they are welcome to stay in the program (Students that graduate early are given the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony at the end of the school year).

Thoreau's alternative learning environment also allows students who wish to participate in an accelerated program to earn a high school diploma in a shorter time frame than at a traditional school. Students who graduate from Thoreau are conferred with an LAUSD diploma that is the exact value as at any other LAUSD high school and can be used to apply to the higher education institute of their choice.



A group of graduates in their cap and gowns holidng their diplomas.